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A Sweet Suffering saw the light of day at the end of 2019 when Nic (ex-MCL, ex-Quickshifter) and Stein (ex-Chainsaws Law) decided to form something new once again.

Soon, Davy joined them to take on the task as vocalist.

From their headquarters in Dendermonde, the search for a bassist and drummer began.

After a few lineup changes, they found the suitable people in Theo and Sven to complete the band.

In January 2023, their first EP was released, titled "Carn(IV)al".

A Sweet Suffering brings a mix of brutal metal!

Band members:

Davy - Vocals

Nic - Guitars

Stein - Guitars

Sven - Bass

Theo - Drums


2023: Carn(IV)al - EP:

The Outback Curse

100 Maniacs


Mountain Breed




"the proces of releasing and thereby providing relief of emotional tensions through kinds of art or music"

Catharsis is a Belgian Death Metal band born in the chaos of a global pandemic. They are scene-veterans hailing from 90's bands like Death's bride, Solipsist, Body of Christ and Signs of cain.

On March 11, 2023, the band released their debut EP “I” to the world, which brought some laudatory reviews.

“It's absolutely great, brutal but in a catchy way and tuneful.”

A series of shows promoting “I” followed, and yes, critical acclaim followed.

“They brought veracious death metal that reminds of bands like Death, Deicide, Obituary and Morbid Angel. Catharsis wasted no time on stage and unleashed mayhem on the crowd with Larz headbanging and delivering primal vocals, and the others delivering menacing riffs and pounding drums."

Catharsis was soon noticed by the international "Wormhole Death Records", but decides to opt for a label from their own country and signed for 3 releases with "Gio Smet Records".

“At Gio’s we are not just the umpteenth band on the pile. Here we get Gio’s full attention and cooperation with our plans.”

A re-release of “I” is imminent, supplemented with the live broadcast “Durango Session” , where they will perform live for radio Benelux in October 2023, remixed, remastered, limited to 100 copies!

"In nomine Catharsis!"

Larz, Werner, Luc & Gert

Deafcon is a Belgian based no bullshit rock'n'roll band formed mid 2015 who's writing songs about the wide aspect of the rock'n'roll way of life.
"Man's ruin" is never really far away in the lyrics, nor is the "don't like it? kiss my ass" attitude.

The sound they produce with just 3 guys just blows you away, even during live shows, so no messing around with dubbed tracks.
Also they don't deny the influence of the greatest rock'n'roll GOD himself (guess whö !?)
You just have to listen for yourselves.

Since 2009, Eleven-O-Seven presents catchy melodies, pumping drums, screaming guitars and melodic vocals.

These five "youngsters” give you a live performance that makes you scream for more!

High intensity Punkrock-hard-metal-melodic-crossover-whatever core.

In your face, nothing less, nothing more!


2009 single: Rumours

2009 full album: Cold streets will fade away

2015 full album: Destroy to rebuild

2020 single: Drown

2023 single: Black Horizon

2023 single: Nothing to prove

Line up:

Vocals: Jeroen De Smet “Jerre”

Drums: Joris De Smet “Jos”

Gitaar/backing Vocals: Wouter De Smet “Walter”

Bass/backing vocals: Pieter Van Moorter “Pietro”

Gitaar: Stijn De Groeve “Stino”

FleXanT is a melodic/death/trash metal band from Ghent, Belgium.
In early 2009, the foundations of FleXanT were laid by 3 musicians who all had a musical past in other metal bands (Philippe Tack - Essatic, Philippe Delhaute - Mortamin/Essatic/Mortamin 'Reborn', Robin 'Animal' De Rouck - Omens Of Disaster).
A first rehearsal with "throats" (Robin De Rouck) and the 2 "guitar abusers" (Philipppe Tack and Philippe Delhaute) in the FleXanT den 'Music Alley' in Ghent, immediately resulted in a true painful massacre of loud musical notes. Hence, the first song 'Pain' was born.

Meanwhile, the members attempted to complete the band with a bassist and a drummer. A few musicians passed the revue but without great success. You don't become a FleXanT member overnight. Hell no!

Notwithstanding the disappointments, the band fought to continue anyway and thus began to program its own drums. No life till metal!
This was the real start of FleXanT. Never give up!

In February 2011, the band decided to throw themselves into the lion's cage:
A try-out at "Kim's place" in Ghent with programmed drums. Back then with a CD player, later with a laptop. This was the real drive of the band. The thrill of taking the stage with this music and giving it their all. They had seen the light and realized that this was something to pursue. The reactions were very positive and this strengthened the band enormously.

Suddenly, they got a handful of gigs with great success and so decided to enter the studio in November 2011 with "Dominique De Vos - Catfight Entertainment" who turned it into a "hell yeah!" production.

The result came in April 2012, after much blood, sweat and tears. The debut CD "Dark Sides Of Humanity" was finally released.

After the Corona pandemic, in January 2022, FleXanT awakened from a deep sleep and 2 musicians joined the band: drummer Bert Fonteyn and guitarist Tristan Coopman take the open spots at FleXanT.
Flexant is back in business!


Robin De Rouck: Throats

Philippe Tack: Lead guitars/solo guitars

Tristan Coopman: Rhythm/solo guitars

Bert Fonteyn: Drums

Patrick Focquaert: Bass /backing vocals

Fragmentum, hailing from Lokeren, Belgium, brings a fresh spin to the metal scene, intertwining melodic darkness with a modern edge. Established in 2015 by Jan Bruggeman and Gunnar Nopens, the band ignited from a spark of inspiration on a night fueled by compelling tunes. They've since welcomed Jeroen Van Wauwe wielding the bass and Tom Skidmore (UK) as their undaunted drumviolator!

Described as a fusion where Depeche Mode collides with In Flames, Fragmentum's sound is an innovative meld of haunting melodies, atmospheric synths, and a solid groove-laden riff foundation that challenges the boundaries of genre.

With a contract now inked with Gio Smet Records, Fragmentum is set to captivate listeners with an anticipated EP. Prior to this partnership, the band has independently dropped powerful singles like “Crib Of Sacrifice”, “Tacit Silent Snake”, and “The Cougar”.

Their full-length concept album “Masters Of Perplexity”, released in 2021, is a deep dive into Mayan history and philosophy, unveiled to fans across a European tour with a focus on Eastern Europe. This followed their 2019 debut album “Pugnacity”, which established the core of Fragmentum's identity with more direct narratives exploring the tumultuous inner battles that resonate with many.

Sharing the stage with genre titans such as Children of Bodom, Swallow the Sun, Wolfheart, Soulfly, and Annihilator, Fragmentum is not just another band—they're a growing force, crafting a path that's both uniquely their own and strikingly universal. Keep an ear to the ground—Fragmentum is redefining the sonic landscape of modern metal.

GIOTOPIA, created by Belgian guitarist/vocalist/producer GIO SMET, is an epic fantasy tale on heavy rock/metal music. Every musician plays a character, as each song is a chapter.

The debut album ‘A FANTASY TALE ON MUSIC - PART I’ was released on May 5th, 2018 and featured musicians such as Fabio Lione (Turilli/Lione Rhapsody, Angra), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Srdjan Brankovic (AlogiA), Sara Vanderheyden (Cathubodua), Zoya Belous (Esperoza), YGC (The Losts) and many more.

On May 20th, 2019 the second chapter ‘A FANTASY TALE ON MUSIC - PART II’ was released. The album featured musicians such as Apollo Papathanasio (We Sell The Dead, ex-Firewind), Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, Sinbreed, Radiant), Srdjan Brankovic (AlogiA), Kelly Thans (Pandora’s Key), Sara Vanderheyden (Cathubodua), YGC (The Losts),...

Now, the third album ‘TRINITY OF EVIL’ is released on April 16th, 2021. Again, a fantastic cast features the ranks of Giotopia: Apollo Papathanasio (We Sell The Dead, ex-Firewind), Jürgen Wulfes (Cholane, Thomsen, ex-Moon’Doc), Kelly Thans (Vocal Life Of A Kelly), YGC (The Losts), Sara Vanderheyden (Cathubodua), Ginny Claes (TheGuardian), Ellen Peeters, Jennifer Thomé (UNE, Siren’s Legacy), Nienke Verboom (The Civilized, ex-MindShade), Freddy Richard (Heavylized, Fool’s Paradise), Hannelore van Gorp and Jeff Metal (Jeff Metal, Soldiers).

The Belgian band “High Inquisitor Woe” was conceived as a two piece band in late 2014. The primary purpose has always been creating a blend of traditional doom metal and other heavy genres. With lyrical singing but carefully seasoned with other vocal styles as well. The deeply dynamic songs take you on a mystical journey through movies, comics, both fictional and scientific literature, and many other things.

As an indestructible force the elected cleric of the true metal continues on, landing a new line-up consisting of five combatants in early 2022. To date High Inquisitor Woe have released 2 EP's, 1 full length, and 1 live EP. These endeavours have involved an ever growing number of cooperating musicians, with Glenn and Mathijs being the only constants.

The message, however, remains loud and clear: REPENT!

Line up:

Glenn - Guitar

Guy - Bass

Mathijs - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Raf - Lead Vocals

Victor - Drums

In the autumn of 2019, the HORRORWISH project was created by Belgian musician/producer Gio Smet.

Known from other bands/projects such as Gitaron, Giotopia and Wolfpact plus collaborations with musicians such as Fabio Lione (Rhapsody), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, Firewind) and Apollo Papathanasio (ex-Firewind), Gio Smet wanted to combine his passion for horror tales with dark and intriguing metal music. Thus, giving birth to something new and innovative within the metal scene.

It's hard to compare HORRORWISH. The guitars are dark, fat and "fleshy". Together with a deep and monstrous bass guitar, it results in a massive and horrifying sound. The raw and uncut vocals fits the macabre tunes perfectly.

On April 3th, 2020, the debut album ‘NO PLACE TO HIDE’ was released. The album features thirteen haunting metal songs, each one telling a grisly tale that sends shivers down the spine.

La Nausée is a Groove/sludge metal project hailing from Ghent, Belgium. Inspired by acts such as IRON MONKEY, BLACK TUSK, LEFT BEHIND, SEPULTURA and DEFTONES. A heavy and dirty guitar sound is being driven by distorted vocals, at times raging heavy at high speed, other times crushing it dirty, hard and slow.

In January 2021, La Nausée released their first single ‘SPLIT’, accompanied by a lyric video. On April 29th 2021, the second single ‘LIKE COIN’ was released, followed by the EP ‘BATTERING RAM’ on May 7th 2021, released by Spectral Hound Records on CD and cassette.On April 7th 2022 the second EP ‘DISORDER’ was released digitally.

Now, the band is planning a release in the summer of '23, together with Gio Smet Records, for the 3rd EP 'THEY PREY' on digipack CD, which will also feature the 2022 EP 'DISORDER'! That makes ten heavy mosh-pit-ready songs on one disc for all the headbangers out there!

The Samara based band in Russia "Max & The Jellied Eels Inc." plays "British Punk"-style music.

They have been fans of the London Millwall for many years and have long been familiar with the leader of Millwall supporters’ club Russia, Max Prokhorenko. Therefore, when in January of this year Max invited the band to record a punk cover of the Millwall anthem "Let 'em Come", they gladly agreed to participate in the project. Dmitry Lugovskoy had musical experience in the 90s as a frontman . co-author of the repertoire and author of texts in the Samara group M.O.R. (Method Of Ravage) and connections in the Samara rock movement. He turned to his old rock and roll friend guitarist Stas Furman-a veteran of many Samara rock bands - with a proposal to compose an arrangement of the song, assemble a musical group and record a track, and subsequently a video for the song.

Stas composed the arrangement and engaged bassist Sergey Chernov and drummer Dmitry Miroshnichenko, who had solid experience of participating in many musical projects.

The song “Let ‘em Come” received a very positive live response from listeners both in the auditorium and from promotional materials posted online and the band decided not to stop there and continue working in the studio on material for a full-fledged album, which in the future will also be used as a concert set list of the band.

Max & The Jellied Eels Inc. are:

Dmitry Lugovskoy - Vocals

Pavel Korneev -  Lead Guitars

Konstantin Mershikov - Rhytm Guitars

Sergey Chernov - Bass

Mikhail Nikitin - Drums

Maksim Prokhorenko - Producer

A dark, symphonic/gothic metal band, formed in the winter of 2023 by Gio Smet & Mariel Gimeno.

In the shadowy realm where the boundaries between melody and melancholy blur, there emerges a symphonic gothic metal band of profound darkness and haunting beauty. Cloaked in the ethereal tapestry of orchestral arrangements and driven by the thunderous pulse of metal, this enigmatic ensemble weaves a sonic tapestry that transcends the boundaries of conventional music.

With hauntingly poetic lyrics that delve into the recesses of the human psyche, the band's compositions are a labyrinth of emotions, ranging from the sublime to the macabre. Their melodies, borne on the wings of symphonic strings and haunting choirs, create an atmosphere both foreboding and entrancing.

Draped in the attire of gothic aesthetics, Midnightmares exude an aura of mystique, shrouded in darkness and adorned with ornate, brooding attire. Mariel's mesmerizing voice becomes a conduit for the band's poetic narratives, delivering lyrics that evoke a sense of existential introspection.

Midnightmares conjures an immersive experience, where dimly lit atmospheres and dramatic visuals amplify the intensity of their sonic journey. The interplay between Gio's distorted guitars and symphonic elements paints a vivid soundscape that lingers in the minds of their audience long after the final note has faded away.

As purveyors of the macabre, Midnightmares invites listeners into a realm where the boundaries between light and shadow blur, where beauty and darkness coalesce to create a hauntingly memorable musical odyssey.

Midnightmares released their debut single "Sanctuarium" on January 17th, 2024.

On February 29th, 2024, the second single "Shadow People" was released.

It all began with an ad on social groups to form a band, to perform covers and in time write some original material. It was pretty good actually, when the 5 members of that cover band clicked to perfection during the one and only gig they delivered at Boite à Zic in Nivelles as it was crowned winner of the "Battle of the Bands".
Futures dates were booked... And then, Covid happened... All dates were cancelled and prolonged...a waiting game ensued. We couldn't play for a while even to rehearse. Tough on everyone we, ultimately and unfortunately, saw a majority of the band members leaving to
pursue other musical challenges.
With Alexis joining the remaining members, Sebastien and Erbil, the focus was directed to songwriting exclusively. So we are pleased to introduce: ThrAnK … somewhere between Thrash and Punk ! Seb takes care of drums, Alexis of bass and Erbil of guitar and the singing duties.
We are looking very much forward to play for you all on stage. Feel free to like and share our music with your friends. Stay tuned for more.
Take care, stay safe and we love you,
Alexis Erbil Seb.

Shorty is the founding member / Song writer / Producer / Lead Guitar player / Lead singer of the legendary Belgian metal band KILLER, who released 8 albums (see website www.4-killer.be for bio / sounds / video / discography etc....) Killer is still existing, since 1980 in different line-ups, but Shorty is the only original member.
In 1987 during a break with Killer he released a first solo album under his own name VAN CAMP entitled "Too Wild To Tame". This was an album full with fast shredding guitars.
The solo album was recently also included in the back catalogue re-release boxes of  Killer, by the U.K. based Cherry Red label and by the Brazilian based "Classic Metal" label.
Shorty received a lot of positive reactions and many e-mails by fans, asking when there would be a second solo effort by VAN CAMP.
During the lockdown of the Covid pandemic, Shorty had a lot of time for composing and recording, with the result of a new solo album. This will become "VAN CAMP volume II”.
His solo songs have some influences of his other band Killer, of course, because he cannot amputate his typical voice or change his own specific guitar sounds and techniques. However, the songs are longer, more complicated and of course more guitar orientated with longer solos and a few instrumentals as well. If you need influences or comparisons: Michael Schenker / Frank Marino / Zakk Wylde / Tony Iommi....  so old school guitar shredders with a bluesy feel.

This does not mean that the new record is totally old school. In fact, there are a lot of new and modern ingredients without denying the roots of old school classic hard rock and metal.

 The album will contain 11 songs on CD and 8 songs on vinyl.

It is recorded and produced in the home studio of Shorty. With the help and cooperation of his friend and bass player Wim “Wouwie” Wouters.

 Later this year the record will be released by GIO SMET RECORDS, followed by a promotion tour with a real live band. Dates and details about the live line-up will follow soon.

And of course, during the shows Shorty will bring also some songs of the first solo album and some songs of his other band KILLER.


Coming soon

The Belgian/German duo Gio Smet (GIOTOPIA, HORRORWISH) and Jürgen Wulfes (THOMSEN, CHOLANE, ex-MOON’DOC) started talking about an new project mid-2021, after Jürgen made a great contribution on Gio Smet’s latest Giotopia album. For this new band/project, they agreed to compose heavy rock music with a modern touch, combined with classic hard rock type of vocals. The result is a deep, low end sound with classic hard rock vocals in the likes of Dio and David Coverdale.

So far, the duo has released three singles called "Iron Heart", "When Angels Die" and "I Bleed In Black".

On March 1st, 2024, the duo released the EP "Alpha Wolf", containing five songs.