About us...

More than a record label and recording studio!

At Gio Smet Records, we go steps further!

What happens after your precious songs are ready to see daylight?

Gio Smet Records guides you beyond that!

It is of utmost importance that your musical works are being treated with great care. Not only are they professionally recorded, mixed and mastered, but there is also the possibility to release them on cd or vinyl. Besides that, we promote your releases through our channels.  After years of activity in the music world, we can support you as an artist or band with numerous music partners.

Our promotion and/or management can even grow into offering a record deal, as the label invests in you! Together with you, the best possibilities are always discussed.

We also take care of bookings, as we combine our contacts with professional agencies.

Furthermore, we provide professional looking video clips and artwork/website/logo designs.

Being a musician himself, Gio Smet Records gives you the complete experience as an artist or band!

Latest News...

June 12th, 2024

New merch alert!

Check out this special COMBO DEAL from our very own FRAGMENTUM!

Order right here!

May, 19th, 2024

Our very own Midnightmares released their brand new single "LEAVE ME WITH MY DEMONS"!!

Watch the lyric video right here!

Comments by the band:

"The song is about fallen angels, lost souls, bound to darkness, who have been given the choice of salvation. But they now belong naturally in the dark void. It is their domain, where they are free and powerful, so they refuse to leave and embrace the darkness instead."

May, 6th, 2024

We are overjoyed to announce ThrAnK to our band roster!!

Comments by the band:

"Only one meeting with Gio was enough to convince us that working together was the only way forward. His vision on our collaboration matched perfectly with what we were looking for and we are sure this will be the beginning of amazing things. Let's do this!

Alexis Erbil Seb."

Comments by the label:

"As you all know, at Gio Smet Records, we only go for quality artists and bands. ThrAnK is yet another example of that! We are 100% behind their music and, after just one meeting, we knew we were on the same page also personally. We are excited to start this journey together!"

April, 20th, 2024

Our very own FleXanT just released the long awaited new single and lyric video "MEDUSA'S FLOWER"!

The song is a real sledgehammer blow!

Comments by the label:

“FleXanT really delivered with this new single. The song hits hard like a sledgehammer blow! It was a great experience working with these guys in the studio. FleXanT is back! This song will truly explode on any stage!”

April, 8th, 2024

Pre sales for the brand new FRAGMENTUM album "CORN RITUAL" has started right now!

Order the album here for the limited discount price of 8 euro!

March, 30th, 2024

The stunning brand new single and lyric video "CORN RITUAL" by our very own FRAGMENTUM is OUT NOW!

The song is taken from the upcoming EP "Corn Ritual", which will be released on May 10th!

March, 28th, 2024

The line up for VORTROCK 2025 is complete!

VAN CAMP (featuring "Shorty" from KILLER), MIDNIGHTMARES, FRAGMENTUM and FLEXANT will rock the stage on May 17th, 2025!

It's still a while, but pre sale tickets can be ordered right here!

March, 25th, 2024

Our very own CATHARSIS will release the 5-track EP "M-VIII B.C." later this fall!

The ETA is October 1st, 2024.

While the band is working on the full length album 'Ithnayn', they realised they had some songs in their repertoire that they've been playing live since the beginning and are just too good to be cast away.
So Catharsis decided to record M-VIII B.C. ('Made Before Catharsis').

THis EP will contain the single 'Paradise Lost' from the upcoming album 'Ithnayn'
and the 4 songs they didn't want to get lost are:
A Bloodier Shade of Pale

March, 21st, 2024

Gio Smet Records will organize The Other Side Fest (TOS Fest) on 14/12/2024 together with Midnightmares and Fragmentum!!

The festival will take place at "The Other Side" bar in Peer!

Line up:

19u30 – 20u: CATHARSIS
20u20 – 20u50: GALLIA
21u10 – 21u50: MIDNIGHTMARES
22u10 – 22u55: FRAGMENTUM

VVK: €15
ADK: €18

Pre sale tickets are available right here!

March, 16th, 2024

The second band for VORTROCK 2025 is announced!

Our very own FRAGMENTUM shall join the ranks that day!

More info very soon...

March, 14th, 2024

Gio Smet Records is going to organize another Metal Fest, besides GioFest, called "VORTROCK"!!!

The event will be hosted at "ART Vortn Vis" in Ieper on May 17th, 2025!

It's still a while away, but for now we can announce the first band of the line up: Midnightmares!!!!

The brand new dark symphonic metal band has just released the latest single "SHADOW PEOPLE" and will release a full album later this year!!

March, 11th, 2024

Our very own FRAGMENTUM will release their brand new EP "CORN RITUAL" on May 10th this year!!

The long awaited album, inspired by Mayan culture, is a pure dark/melodic masterpiece!!


1. Corn Ritual

2. A Sense Of Fear

3. Saviour Of The Tribe

4. Ghost Of The King

5. Mighty Wing

March, 10th, 2024

Check out the brand new MIDNIGHTMARES merchandise in our official webshop right here!

March, 1st, 2024

Today, we mark a special day as the WOLFPACT EP "ALPHA WOLF" is released!!

Check it out on their official Bandcamp page right here!


1. Alpha Wolf

2. Iron Heart

3. All In You

4. When Angels Die

5. I Bleed In Black

Music by Gio Smet.

Lyrics by Jürgen Wulfes.

Mixed & mastered at Gio Smet Records.

February, 29th, 2024

The brand new Midnightmares single "SHADOW PEOPLE" is out now!!

Check out the single & video below!

Comments by the band:

"The song is about that feeling most people experience sometimes, when seeing "something" out of the corner of their eye, a shadowy figure. However, when you turn to see it directly, there's nothing there. Some call this phenomenon "Shadow People". The lyrics tell the story about the point of view of someone who, after seeing the "shadow people" for a long time, finally gets trapped in a labyrinthine nightmare with them. We are absolutely overjoyed with the final result. Music and lyrics completes each other so well on this song. We believe each song should tell a fascinating and captivating story. “Shadow People” is a true example of that.”

February, 11th, 2024

On March 1st, MIDNIGHTMARES shall release their second single, called "SHADOW PEOPLE"!!

Check out more about the band right here.

Comments by the band:

"The song is about that feeling most people experience sometimes, when seeing "something" out of the corner of their eye, a shadowy figure. However, when you turn to see it directly, there's nothing there. Some call this phenomenon "Shadow People".

The lyrics tells the sory about the point of view of someone who, after seeing the "shadow people" for a long time, finally gets trapped in a labyrinthine nightmare with them ... We can't wait to share this with all of you! Just like our debut single, there will be a YouTube premiere for the release of "Shadow People", so mark the date and stay tuned for more news!"

February, 1st, 2024

The remixed/remastered EP "I" by CATHARSIS is officially out today!

Get your copy at our webshop right here!


1. As The Crow Flies

2. Pro Patria Mori

3. Squidnunc

4. Cauchemar

5. As The Crow Flies (Live)

6. A Bloodier Shade Of Pale (Live)

7. Pro Patria Mori (Live)

8. Cauchemar (Live)

9. Squidnunc (Live)

10. Whirlpool (Live)

January, 25th, 2024

We are overjoyed to announce that VAN CAMP will join the Gio Smet Records ranks!

Van Camp is none other than singer/guitar player Paul "Shorty" Van Camp, known from the legendary band KILLER!!

In 1987, Shorty released his first solo album "Too Wild To Tame". After many years and alot of fans screaming for another solo album, Van Camp will release a brand new album later this year! To further give the fans a real treat, Van Camp will also become a live band! So keep your eyes and ears wide open in the coming months for more news!

For now, check out VAN CAMP right here!

January, 20th, 2024

The very first edition of GIOFEST will take place on October 5th, 2024!

Pre sale tickets are now available right here!


Date: October 5th, 2024

Venue: DVG Club - Weggevoerdenlaan 5, 8500 Kortrijk

Doors: 13u

First band: 13u30

Line up:

13u30 - 14u10: A Sweet Suffering

14u30 - 15u10: Eleven O Seven

15u30 - 16u10: La Nausée

16u30 - 17u10: High Inquisitor Woe

17u30 - 18u10: Deafcon

18u30 - 19u10: NOORD

19u30 - 20u10: Fragmentum

20u30 - 21u10: FleXanT

21u30 - 22u10: Catharsis

22u10: Afterparty


Pre sale €18

At the register €22

January, 17th, 2024

Belgian/Mexican dark symphonic/gothic metal duo MIDNIGHTMARES released their very first single and video "SANCTUARIUM"!

The song was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Gio Smet. The vocals were written and recorded by Mariel Gimeno.

Comments by the band:

“We are overjoyed with the result of our very first single. We believe we’ve captured the right vibe and atmosphere of the story behind the song, which is a dark and captivating experience. Every song needs a compelling story behind it. That makes the experience complete. “Sanctuarium” is a perfect example of that. There’s more to come, but for now we are very proud of our first piece of work.”

January, 3rd, 2024

Overjoyed with this great honour! Metal Pedia from Mexico really liked the latest HORRORWISH album "TALES FROM DEATH"!!

Order the album right here!

January, 3rd, 2024

PRE ORDER for the remixed/remastered EP "I" by CATHARSIS has started NOW!

You can pre order the EP here for the limited price of 13 euro!!

Be quick though, as there are only 100 copies available!


December, 30th, 2023

We are overjoyed to welcome to our label the brand new symphonic/gothic metal formation MIDNIGHTMARES!!

The band shall release their debut single "SANCTUARIUM" on January 17th, 2024, which will go in premiere on their official YouTube channel!

The duo consists of Mexican soprano singer Mariel Gimeno and our very own Gio Smet!

Check out Midnightmares right here!

December, 16th, 2023

Belgian/German heavy rock duo WOLFPACT will release their debut EP “ALPHA WOLF” on March 1st, 2024!

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gio Smet at GIO SMET RECORDS (vocals recorded in Germany by Jürgen Wulfes.

Pre order will start on February 1st, 2024.

Fans have to be quick to order though, as physical copies are limited to 100!

WOLFPACT also released the single and video clip “IRON HEART”, which can be viewed right here!

Tracklist "ALPHA WOLF":

1. Alpha Wolf

2. Iron Heart

3. All in You

4. When Angels Die

5. I Bleed in Black

December, 12th, 2023

Re-Release "I" by CATHARSIS on FEBRUARY 1ST, 2024!!

Including their live performance at "Durango Session" on "Radio Benelux"!!

PRE ORDER starts on JANUARY 1ST, 2024!!

Only 100 copies available!!

Belgian death metal at its finest!!

Check out the official teaser below!

November, 28th, 2023


9 December, 2023.


De Wommel

Fort 2 straat, 2160 Wommelgem

Line up:


High Inquisitor Woe

Shots Fired


Doors: 18u

1st band: 19u

Entrance €10,-

November, 25th, 2023

CATHARSIS will re-release their debut EP "I" on February 1st, 2024!

The EP will also include live songs from their live performance on the "Durango Sessions" on Radio Benelux!


1. As The Crow Flies
2. Pro Patria Mori

3. Squidnunc

4. Cauchemar

5. As The Crow Flies (Live)

6. A Bloodier Shade Of Pale (Live)

7. Pro Patria Mori (Live)

8. Cauchemar (Live)

9. Squidnunc (Live)

10. Whirlpool (Live)

November, 6th, 2023

Gio Smet Records is proud to welcome FRAGMENTUM!

The Belgian metal formation just signed a record deal and will fly under the wings of Gio Smet Records! Together with the label, the band has big plans for the near future, as many exciting things are happening behind the scenes!!

Comments by the band:

“For a while now, Fragmentum had been looking for a label. It had to “click” for us. And then Gio Smet Records came our way... After that, everything went smoothly! We aim towards a pleasant cooperation with great results. The journey has just begun!”

Comments by the label:

“We are delighted to have Fragmentum under our wings. Since our first meeting with Jan, it just clicked. We have a fantastic understanding to work together in the best interest for the band! As everyone knows, we always aim to only have high quality bands under our label and Fragmentum is a great example to prove this. A lot of exciting things are happening behind the scenes!”

Check out the complete biography and links in the artist/band roster right here!

October, 31st, 2023


Today, the brand new HORRORWISH album 'TALES FROM DEATH' is officially released!!

The album is something special, as all songs are based on true horror events!! Think John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Jack The Ripper or the mysterious death of Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel,...

Order the new album and check out the many awesome deals in our official webshop right here!!

October, 18th, 2023

New HORRORWISH merchandise available in our webshop!

There are many different T-SHIRT models from the 'TALES FROM DEATH' album for you to collect!

There is also a special EARBOOK availabe including an introduction, special artwork, all lyrics, song information, behind the scene pictures,...

You can get all of these goodies in SPECIAL PACKAGE DEALS!!

The upcoming album is also still available for pre order at the limited discount price of "13" euro!

Check out all the special deals right here!

October, 16th, 2023

It is with pride that we officially release "BEHIND THE WALL", the debut album by Max & The Jellied Eels Inc.!! The Russian punkrockers and Millwall fans really made something very special with this album!!

Order your copy right here!

October, 2nd, 2023

As of today, PRE SALE has started for the upcoming MAX & THE JELLIED EELS INC. album "BEHIND THE WALL! When you pre save your copy NOW, you receive the album on the release date (October 16th) for the limited discount price of 12 euro!

Pre save your LIMITED EDITION here!

September, 30th, 2023

As of today, PRE SALE has started for the upcoming HORRORWISH album 'TALES FROM DEATH'! When you pre save your copy NOW, you receive a signed album on the release date for the limited discount price of "13" euro!

Pre save your LIMITED EDITION here!

September, 24th, 2023

HORRORWISH is pleased to announce the release of "PRETTY BOYS MUST DIE", the first single and lyric video taken from the upcoming album 'TALES FROM DEATH' (out on Halloween, October 31)!!

The song is based on one of the most legendary serial killers of all times, John Wayne Gacy, also known as the "Killer Clown"...

Watch the lyric video HERE!

September, 20th, 2023

Today, we are overjoyed to release the new NOORD album 'CRYPTOSIS' on all digital platforms!!

It's truly a masterpiece and we are very proud of the lads!!

Check out the album on Spotify right here!

September, 19th, 2023

The new single and lyric video 'AGRESSOR' by NOORD is released! This stunning and brutal song will feature on the upcoming album 'CRYPTOSIS'!!

September, 8th, 2023

Today, the lyric video for "Give Me All Your Love Tonight", the second single from the upcoming album "Behind The Wall" (out on October 16th) by Max & The Jellied Eels Inc. is released!



Stanley McGee

Dmitry Lugovskoy

Produced by Maxim Prokhorenko.

Lyric video created by Cédric De Graeve.

September, 3rd, 2023

The brand new HORRORWISH album "TALES FROM DEATH" will be released on Halloween, October 31st!!

The album will feature songs based on TRUE horror stories! Think Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Elisa Lam and the Cecil Hotel,... and many more disturbing tales based on true events!!

Horrorwish is the horror metal project by our very own Gio!

Comment by Gio himself:

"I am always very cautious and I think I have never said this before, but I believe this is the best work I've done to date! For this album, I worked closely together with my love, my muse, Linda Roosens. We wrote the lyrics together as Linda also really understood the whole Horrorwish vibe. I love to tell a story with my songs and that was totally achieved on this album. With the songs being based on true horror events, it makes it all the more exciting. The album cover is also amazing! The idea was: Death himself reading the true stories from the book of souls on the graves of the victims. That's really stirring if you think of it. I can't wait to share this new album with you all! It will be something very special, you can be sure of that!"

September, 2nd, 2023

It is with great pleasure that we can announce FleXanT to our label!

This is yet another example of the quality that our label only approves!

Check out the band right here!

FleXanT is a melodic/death/trash metal band from Ghent, Belgium.
In early 2009, the foundations of FleXanT were made!

Together with Gio Smet Records, this awesome band is planning some very exciting things!

Comments by the band:

"Gio and Linda were interested, which resulted in an appointment with FleXanT at a rehearsal. Gio and Linda liked what FleXanT brought.
After attending our rehearsal, we got an explanation about the total concept of the label. Promo, recordings and bookings performances completely customized for the band. This sounded like music to our ears. So we immediately entered into an agreement with Gio Smet Records. As for the total package- concept of the label, this is unique!
The agreement is made to measure and adapted to the needs and abilities of the band.
Both Gio Smet Records and FleXanT are on the same page. It promises to be a great collaboration. As for the future of the band, this will certainly give us a serious boost.
We are expecting a bright future for FleXanT!"

August, 23rd, 2023

Attention bookers, organizers,...

Check out this teaser of our bands!

They are ready to explode on your stage!

For all your bookings, contact our lovely Linda at bookings@giosmetrecords.com.

August, 22nd, 2023

NOORD will release their brand new album "CRYPTOSIS" in September on all digital platforms! The band worked long and hard on this absolute masterpiece! The result will definitely blow your speakers and mind!

Check out the stunning artwork and tracklist for "CRYPTOSIS":

1. Fractured

2. Agressor

3. Lilith

4. Voice Of Ruin

5. What Am I Breathing for

6. Sepulcrum

7. Zwart Water

8. Dead Tide

August, 21th, 2023

We are delighted to welcome A SWEET SUFFERING under our wings!

Together with us, this brutal metal formation has some big and exciting plans for the future!

Check out the band right here!

A Sweet Suffering saw the light of day at the end of 2019 when Nic (ex-MCL, ex-Quickshifter) and Stein (ex-Chainsaws Law) decided toform something new once again.

Soon, Davy joined them to take on the task as vocalist.

From their headquarters in Dendermond, the search for a bassist and drummer began.

After a few lineup changes, they found the suitable people in Theo and Sven to complete the band.

In January 2023, their first EP was released, titled "Carn(IV)al".

A Sweet Suffering brings a mix of brutal metal!

Band members:

Davy - Vocals

Nic - Guitars

Stein - Guitars

Sven - Bass

Theo - Drums


2023: Carn(IV)al - EP:

The Outback Curse

100 Maniacs


Mountain Breed

August, 18th, 2023

Today, the new LA NAUSÉE album "THEY PREY-DISORDER" is officially released through Gio Smet Records!

Order this masterpiece right here!

August, 8th, 2023

The debut album by "Max & The Jellied Eels Inc." called "BEHIND THE WALL" will be released October 16th '23'!!

After the success of their first single “Let Em Come” (already reached over 18K views on YouTube), the band started to finish the first album “Behind The Wall”.

Watch the single/video clip "Let Em Come" here:

Now they can proudly present the final result of the debut album on 16/10/23!

Tracklist “Behind The Wall”:

1. Let Em Come

2. Fight For Milwall

3. Go Out

4. Crisis Of It All

5. Crying Sometime

6. Sex Delight

7. Kill You Tonight

8. Jenny From Bogota

9. Give Me All Your Love Tonight

10. Milwall (Behind The Wall)

Line up:

Dmitry Lugovskoy - Vocals

Pavel Korneev - Lead Guitars

Konstantin Mershikov - Rhytm Guitars

Sergey Chernov - Bass

Mikhail Nikitin - Drums

Maksim Prokhorenko - Producer

August, 4th, 2023

A glorious day for Gio Smet Records as we announce ELEVEN-O-SEVEN to our label!

Many awesome things are happening behind the scenes, so keep your eyes and ears wide open!

Check out the band right here!

Since 2009, Belgian formation Eleven-O-Seven presents catchy melodies, pumping drums, screaming guitars and melodic vocals.

These five ”youngsters” give you a live performance that makes you scream for more!

High intensity Punkrock-hard-metal-melodic-crossover-whatever core.

In your face, nothing less, nothing more!


2009 single: Rumours

2009 full album: Cold streets will fade away

2015 full album: Destroy to rebuild

2020 single: Drown

2023 single: Black Horizon

2023 single: Nothing to prove

July, 18th, 2023

PRE SAVE START for new LA NAUSÉE album "They Prey - Disorder"!

Be quick or be...

Only 50 signed and numbered LIMITED EDITIONS available!

Order your copy right here!

July, 17th, 2023

Get ready for "VENOM", the new single/lyric video by LA NAUSÉE!

The single will feature on the upcoming album "They Prey - Disorder", which will release on August 18th!

The single is a brutal example of the stunning songs that will be on the new album!

July, 6th, 2023

Today, we are overjoyed and honored to welcome NOORD to the label!

We can also highlight that there is a new album in the making!

So keep a close eye on the site and our socials!

NOORD is truly a hard working band and is making a prestige name for themselves by giving energetic, dynamic and stunning live performances.

Check out this awesome band in our "Artist/Band Roster" right here!

NOORD is a 3-piece metalband from Antwerp, Belgium. They saw the first light of day in
2017. Even in the earlier stages it was clear that this band would not sound like any other band. The roots lies in the metal world but there are a lot of roads to walk on without losing the roots itself. They combine different elements and styles to form their own. In easy words; NOORD brings something different to the table in the world of heavy music.

June, 30th, 2023

It is with the highest honor that we welcome HIGH INQUISITOR WOE under our wings!!!

Stay tuned for upcoming news regarding a new release!

The Belgian band “High Inquisitor Woe” was conceived as a two piece band in late 2014. The primary purpose has always been creating a blend of traditional doom metal and other heavy genres. With lyrical singing but carefully seasoned with other vocal styles as well. The deeply dynamic songs take you on a mystical journey through movies, comics, both fictional and scientific literature, and many other things.

As an indestructible force the elected cleric of the true metal continues on, landing a new line-up consisting of five combatants in early 2022. To date High Inquisitor Woe have released 2 EP's, 1 full length, and 1 live EP. These endeavours have involved an ever growing number of cooperating musicians, with Glenn and Mathijs being the only constants.

The message, however, remains loud and clear: REPENT!

More band info in our "Artist/Band Roster" section right here!

June, 27th, 2023

Album cover and tracklist revealed for the upcoming LA NAUSÉE album "THEY PREY - DISORDER"!

Release date: August 18th, 2023


1. Pest

2. Blinders

3. They Prey

4. Venom

5. Spectre

6. Breaking Power

7. In Stone

8. Disorder

9. Voracity


Songs 1-5 recorded in 2023

Mixed and mastered by Jeddraudio

Songs 6-10 recorded in 2022

Mixed and mastered by Stef Exelmans



Released by Gio Smet Records

June, 21th, 2023

New album release!

Groove/sludge metal band LA NAUSÉE will release their brand new album "They Prey - Disorder" on August 18th through Gio Smet Records!

The album will consist of new songs and will also feature the 2022 EP “Disorder”. So get ready for ten songs that will leave you amazed!

LA NAUSÉE is a Groove/Sludge metal project hailing from Ghent, Belgium. Inspired by acts such as IRON MONKEY, BLACK TUSK, LEFT BEHIND, SEPULTURA and DEFTONES. A heavy and dirty guitar sound is being driven by distorted vocals, at times raging heavy at high speed, other times crushing it dirty, hard and slow.

More news very soon!

June, 19th, 2023

GIOTOPIA released a remixed/remastered version of the song "TO WAR", featuring Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) and Marion-Lamita Peubey (LUX), together with a brand new lyric video! The song originally featured on the debut album 'A Fantasy Tale On Music - Part I' (2017).

May, 29th, 2023

Our very own Gio did an interview with Robert Carrigan from the United States!

Check out and hear the pleasant chat right here!

May, 24th, 2023

We are so proud and honored to welcome LA NAUSÉE under our wings! The Belgian Groove/Sludge/Hardcore Metal band, hailing from Ghent, signed with Gio Smet Records To release their upcoming album "They Prey - Disorder"! More news about the band can be found in our "Artist/Band Roster"-section right here.

Comments by the band:

"Thrilled to announce that this summer Gio Smet Records will release our upcoming 3rd EP 'THEY PREY' on digipack CD, which will also feature our 2022 EP 'DISORDER'! That makes ten heavy mosh-pit-ready songs on one disk for all the headbangers out there!"

May, 17th, 2023

Our Belgian/German heavy rock duo WOLFPACT has just released their latest single and lyric video "I Bleed In Black"!

The result is a dark and mysterious song based on the artwork by Linda Roosens of “LindaRoosensArt” (www.lindaroosensart.be). It’s a slow song with deep yet bright acoustic and electric guitars, pounding drums/bass guitar and sinister keyboards. All of this fits perfectly with classic hard rock vocals in the likes of Dio and David Coverdale!

Comments by the band:

"This song is really special for us, since it is based on the amazing artwork by Linda Roosens. Gio was immediately perplexed by the original artwork. He purchased the painting and decided to compose a song based on the dark and mesmerizing piece of art. We are very proud of the final result, as Jürgen also did something special with the vocals. The lyrics are about personal issues, dark thoughts, trying to understand certain things and suffering or “bleeding” all alone in a dark world."

April 29th, 2023

We are proud and overjoyed that Belgian death metal band CATHARSIS has signed a recorddeal and will fly under the GIO SMET RECORDS wings!

The band will re-release the debut album "I".

The partnership will continue with the releases of their next 2 albums!

"I" will be remixed, remastered and supplemented with the "Durango Session" that they will perform live at Radio Benelux on October 17th!

All info concerning the band can be found in the "Artist/Band Roster"-section!

April 27th, 2023

Gio Smet Records welcomes Belgian based no bullshit rock'n'roll band "Deafcon." under it's wings! And what better way to celebrate this than revisiting their brilliant singe/videoclip "NICCI"! All info concerning this awesome band can be found in the "Artist/Band Roster"-section!

April 19th, 2023

Gio Smet Records welcomes "Max & The Jellied Eels Inc." under it's wings!

The Samara formation of Russia released their first single and videoclip "Let 'em Come".

Comments from the band:

"We decided to record a cover of the Millwall anthem "Let Em Come", it will be our first work. We made some footage in the bar where we first performed our new song, and also made some footage in Churchill’s Pub Moscow, where we meet to watch Millwall games. We are from Samara, it’s a city in Russia on Volga river, about 1000 km from Moscow. We recorded parts of our clip there, few lads from Moscow made a trip to Samara to take part in the recording. We hope to compose some more material for our new band, which we called “Max & The Jellied Eels Inc“, it will be a British punk style music with text about Millwall and its supporters."

April 3rd, 2023

As of this day, Gio Smet Records is officially born! After years of experience in the music world, the time was right to bring all this expertise into existence!

It is our absolute mission to provide the complete experience for artists and bands!

Being a musician myself, it is my calling to work and think together in your best interest!